シンガーソングライター、国際平和文化交流の会「PEACE ON(ピースオン)」主宰

年生まれ。宮城県気仙沼市出身。1996年までバンド「吟遊詩人」の歌&ギターで東京中心にライブ活動。2003年イラク戦争中に平和活動「人間の盾」に参加し、国際平和文化交流の会「PEACE ON」を設立。イラクの障がい児への通学バス支援や文化交流活動(イラク現代絵画展、イラク美術家招聘事業など)を始める。


Singer-songwriter. Director of PEACE ON.

was born in Kesennuma, Miyagi prefecture, Japan in 1971.Until 1996, he primarily performed live music as singer and guitarist in the band named `Ginyushijin'(troubadour) mainly in Tokyo.

In 2003 He visited Iraq and participated the peace activity of `Human Shields' to try and stop the U.S.invasion against Iraq, and then established an NGO known as PEACE ON to provide supports such as school buses for handicapped children's schools, and to organize cultural exchanges including exhibitions of contemporary Iraqi artists in Japan with invitation programs.

He has been living in Kyoto since 2009. After 3.11 earthquake in 2011 organized `Friends Project' providing cultural exchanges by art and music for orphans between Kesennuma and Erbil(Iraq), and traveling various places in Japan, now he holds exhibitions of Iraqi art and talk&live music events.He mainly sings his original songs with guitar by himself, and performs with a variety of musicians. He also studies Arabic music under Mr.Tsunemi Yuji, the leading Oud player in Japan, and he also sings Arabic folk-songs in Arabic and Japanese lyrics translated by himself.